Everything You Need to Know Ocean Freight

It is essential to choose the most reliable Freight Shipping Company in order for your shipment to reach its destination safely. The shipping company you choose must be flexible enough that it can meet all of your needs. Therefore, it is essential to find those that have been in the business for a long period of time. These shipping companies will not just provide you with high quality services but will also adhere to the bill-of-lading. You must understand the complexity of shipping freight overseas.

The three most crucial documents concerning ocean freight are the export declaration, commercial invoice and bill-of-lading. International shipping delays can be caused by failure to provide these documents. The seller should be able to locate a reliable international shipping agent. The transportation of huge quantities of product requires the participation of multiple transport companies and carriers. Ocean freight forwards make sure that there is proper coordination among all modes and transport so that the freight can reach its destination within a defined time frame. Some of the most basic services offered by ocean freight forwarding companies include:

Roll-on or roll-off services (Ro – Ro-Ro) are used for passenger vehicle transport as well.

Container Freight: It can be made of standard 20-foot or 40-foot containers. Containers can transport anything, from household goods to commercial cargo. Some containers are also suitable for shipping vehicles overseas.

Tanker Freight – These are used when cargo is in liquid form, like gasoline, CNG, bulk oils, or other gas-like substances.

General Cargo Freight- This is the loose cargo that is shipped by general cargo freight.

Bulk Carrier Service – This service is typically used for transportation of large volumes and single commodities loads. These may include ores (coal), grain, etc.