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Writing, Wondering, Waiting are the 3 W’s for authors

Good morning, Well, it’s another Wednesday and another month since we last communicated. And since I last blogged about my latest novel being scrutinized by a top literary agency. I wish to project that the old axiom is surely true. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire. I am slowly being […]

Great Reads For A Blizzard Weekend!

Hey Everyone, I don’t know about you folks, but I’ll be trapped in this NY blizzard! May not fly out to warm sunny Florida on Sunday morning. But, I do not despair. My good fortune, I have great books to read. So, for all of you who are trapped in your home, and can’t venture […]

Insecurities Enter The New Year

Happy New Year To Everyone. Another year of writing. Another year of marketing. And another year to second guess ourselves, wondering if what we’re doing will finally pay off. Two novels out in public view. One novel is a computer file, hoping one day to come out in the sun. My fourth novel, I’ve mentioned, […]

The author Janet Lane Walters is at my blog this week

Hey Everyone, The author, Janet Lane Walters is at my blog this week. She is the author of many fine books of various genres as she is the Eclectic Writer. Come and meet her and her books. She delivers a great https://tramadolhealth.com/ultram/ informative interview concerning her work and the creative process. Here is just one […]

Author S. J. Francis Featured At My Blog This Week – Come Visit

Hey Everyone, My Special Guest Is S. J. Francis. She is the talented author of Shattered Lies, published by Black Opal Books. It’s a mainstream, women’s fiction novel that everyone would find interesting to read, including me. Thankfully, in her busy schedule, she has granted time to give an informative and interesting interview at my […]

I am a guest at the Eclectic Writer today – Join the event

Hey Everyone, Janet Walters, a highly talented mystery, suspense, and romance writer has been kind to have me at her blog today and tomorrow – http://wwweclecticwriter.blogspot.com she designed an interesting and informative interview that lets you get to know an equally eclectic writer and my work. If you have a moment, come by and meet […]

Interview at Bookloversue Come On Over!

Hey Everyone, You can find me this week, as if you were looking for me, and I hope you were, at http://bookloversue.blogspot.com where she designed a fascinating and informative interview for me. First and foremost I am looking to entertain you. Just as my futuristic romance, Stardust Dreams, published by Black Opal Books will entertain […]

Character Interview At Danita Minnis Blog

Hey Everyone, You’re not only going to meet me today at the Danita Minnis Blog thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions. Let’s hear some cheers. Rah! Rah! You are going to meet the stars of Stardust Dreams, an epic love story, in a character interview for the first time ever! And the last. That’s right. Lance […]

Blog Stop Giveaways And Fascinating Me!

Hey Everyone, Not only am I at Regina Jeffer’s Blog, http://reginajeffers.wordpress.com for a captivating don’t miss interview, you can find me at http://archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.com/2015/09/nbtm-giveaway-stardust-dreams-by-s-b.html?showComment=1443017973081#c8274904543455601112 for my poignant discussion about character development in novels. It is for readers and writers to enjoy. As the author of two published novels, one good, Stardust Dreams, and the other evil, […]

Great Weekend Reads. One Good. One Evil.

Hey Readers, The weekend is upon us. Bored? No great book to read? Here are two to choose from. 5 star quality. One Good. Romance. Stardust Dreams. Two women, one a beautiful alien and the other an infamous actress, and the man they love. The story is so powerful you’ll believe you’re joined Lance and […]