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Great Books That Guys Read

The purpose of this blog is to feature books that guys, and women, love to read. The title doesn’t imply a guy wouldn’t want to read a great romance, women’s issues, or chick lit. I have. And I would certainly feature your book here. However, being a guy I tend to read books with a bit more violence, adventure, strong and interesting male heroes, as well as women heroines, and high action. I hate boring. I don’t write boring. I don’t read boring.

My blog site is dedicated to highly interesting books. All the promotions are for authors who have linked up with a professional publisher as I have. I will be reviewing a select few books. Please read the Review Policy to see if your book would be suitable for me. If I choose to read your book, I will place the review at Amazon, Goodreads, and here on my site. I will work diligently to promote it on all my social media sites.

Most likely, I will provide far more Author Interviews than reviews. See that page for the details in requesting an author interview. While your interview premiers here, I will work diligently to promote it on all my social media sites.


I would love to participate in blog tours, however, the author’s book must comply with the blog’s policies. I must be assured that a book meets the high standards that readers demand.  Promo Request in the subject line. 






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