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Taming Your Inner & Outer Bullies: Confronting Life’s Stressors and Winning by Steven B. Rosenstein, LCSW, MS, the highly respected therapist, has energized the field of personal growth with his unique and thought-provoking insights into human nature and relationships.

While working as a school psychologist in the New York City Department of Education, and in the evenings in his private practice, he devoted his free time to the pursuit of knowledge concerning the unconscious resistances to a happier life his patients were experiencing.  After countless hours of research, gleaning the most accurate knowledge from the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, zoology, as well as from the naturalists he achieved an extraordinary feat.  He brought together all those fields, adding extensive insights from his therapeutic experiences and created a clear and comprehensive psychology that spotlights the causes for unhappiness in the human species.

For that reason Rosenstein’s book covers a wide spectrum of topics.  He masterly reveals to the readers the powerful inner forces in the human mind: Conscious and Unconscious Bullies that can and will obstruct people from having happier lives.  Understanding that unhappiness is not just caused by emotional conflicts, he devoted a majority of the chapters to discussing the true nature of relationships as well as societal institutions that can too often cause far more stress and sorrow.  Unlike the typical self-help book, Rosenstein assures the readers that they will not only come to know themselves better than

ever before, they’ll get to know the natures of others better than they know themselves, which is like having a crystal ball into the future, which can help prevent or avoid further victimizations in life.  The chapters on famous and infamous celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and the Oklahoma City Bomber beautifully highlight the tragic fate of all children that are seriously victimized in their homes.  Finally, and most importantly, he provides sensible individualized practical help for all readers in their struggles for happier lives


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 Part I  –  Personal Unhappiness

1.  Introduction – A Happier Life Is What Really Matters.

2.  Personal Unhappiness – A Blameless Definition

3.  Demystifying The Human Mind

4.  Inner Bullies Can Spoil A Happier Life

5.  Punitive Inner Bullies And Serious Unhappiness

Part II  –  Interpersonal Unhappiness

6.  An Accurate Psychology Of Human Relationships

7.  Individual Bully-Victim Natures In Relationships

8.  Unhappiness Between Men And Women

9. Race Relationships And Unhappy Lives

10. The Infamous – Their Unhappiness – Our Unhappiness

Part III  –  Unhappiness Created By Society

11.  Unhappiness And The Business World

12.  The Free Press  –  Bullies Rule!

13.  Politics  –  A Multitude Of Unhappy Victims

14.  Religion  –  Its Bullies And Victims

15.  Rampant Unhappiness In Education

16.  Unhappiness And Society’s Institutions

Part IV  –  A Life Worth Improving

17.  Celebrity Unhappiness – They Are Us

18.  Improving Parent/Child Relationships

19.  How To Choose The Right Mate For a Happier Life

20. A Marriage Worth Saving–For Most–Not All

21.  How To Fix What Isn’t Broken In Yourself


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