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Hey Everyone,

Still waiting to hear from the literary agency on my novel. 4 months now since this process began. Very frustrating. As a senior romance writer, with two senior romance novels, one published, and the other in limbo, I am writing my next. Always seeking research and something new to learn, I felt an impulse to read two of the best, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Wow! They are classic love stories. Timeless. I have pages of notes. However, it wasn’t easy for them. All three sisters sent out their novels to publishers in the 1840’s and were rejected. The Bronte sisters had to use men’s names as women writers were frowned upon. But they didn’t give up and Jane Eyre was published first and then Wuthering Heights. It is an inspiration story as they died young. Certainly they didn’t give up. And their styles were pushing the envelope. I am changing my style a bit and incorporating some of their poetic style, but not to bore readers. I admire them greatly. They are my inspiration.

S. B. Redstone

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