Writing, Wondering, Waiting are the 3 W’s for authors

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Well, it’s another Wednesday and another month since we last communicated. And since I last blogged about my latest novel being scrutinized by a top literary agency. I wish to project that the old axiom is surely true. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire. I am slowly being tortured by time. It is a long while now and no word. My securities, I only expect a rejection. And if rejection would just sadly arrive, I could live with it and move on. However, that’s not how it works! Day after day I check my emails and its arrival is not forthcoming, causing a surge in upset and an upsurge in their assumed insensitivity. Whenever my phone rings, my first thought it’s them. No it isn’t! I’ve gotten so crazed that I don’t want to check my daily communications. The word “Unfortunately!” will be the hateful vision. So, should your novels reach the big time or you are awaiting a publisher, expect much tension and apprehension. Support from all, including our group is much appreciated for all us writers.


S. B. Redstone

Author of A Sinister Obsession and Stardust Dreams



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