Insecurities Enter The New Year

Happy New Year To Everyone.

Another year of writing. Another year of marketing. And another year to second guess ourselves, wondering if what we’re doing will finally pay off. Two novels out in public view. One novel is a computer file, hoping one day to come out in the sun. My fourth novel, I’ve mentioned, a serious look at senior citizens, using comedy and drama for the first time, is being looked at by a literary agency. The first time. I wrote this magical story, not only with the hope that it would be my breakthrough novel to a traditional publisher, but because I wanted to. No matter what happened in its future. My beta readers have loved it. A good sign. But my insecurities are running wild because it is not a traditional story in print, but rather in film and theatrical plays. With my feet not on solid ground, I plan to remain anxious. However, it’s also a thrill. I took a chance. And instead of going with safety, I let my creativity takes me on this new journey. You should do that as well.

S. B. Redstone

Author of A Sinister Obsession and Stardust Dreams

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