I am a guest at the Eclectic Writer today – Join the event

Hey Everyone,

Janet Walters, a highly talented mystery, suspense, and romance writer has been kind to have me at her blog today and tomorrow – http://wwweclecticwriter.blogspot.com she designed an interesting and informative interview that lets you get to know an equally eclectic writer and my work. If you have a moment, come by and meet me and my host. We’ll chat. Well, you don’t actually have to move from what you’re doing, just your fingers to get there. 5 star


reviews for both novels. A reviewer said about Stardust Dreams, “As soon as I read the preface, I knew I was going to love this book.” A Sinister Obsession: “If you’re out of coffee and need something to wake you up, just read the first chapter. Opening with jolting images of blood spurting, torture, murder and sexual abuse(and more yet to come), I would say this book is definitely not for the sensitive.”

S. B. Redstone

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