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Hey Everyone,

You’re not only going to meet me today at the Danita Minnis Blog thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions. Let’s hear some cheers. Rah! Rah! You are going to meet the stars of Stardust Dreams, an epic love story, in a character interview for the first time ever! And the last. That’s right. Lance and Sage have prepared for the interview and I hope all of you will give them a fine reception. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. And you won’t get another chance to learn about these hopeful lovers as they’re now far above Earth, in a spacecraft, off to seek their destinies and immortality in the stars. For your pleasure I will be there to answer any further questions not asked my characters. And there’s a generous giveaway!

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

S.B. Redstone

Author – A Sinister Obsession, publisher – Black Opal Books

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